Home away from home

Cotton Canvas wall tents have been providing shelter for traveling Americans for more than a century. It's simplicity and openness allows for standing room in the middle with storage and sleeping next to the walls.

Today this rugged shelter has been adapted for modern use the most common in our region being winter hunting and summer camping.

On a cold mountain winter's day there is nothing more welcoming than a wall tent with smoke coming from the stove pipe. That meant there was hot coffee and warm place to set an visit.  

We invite you to step inside one of our spacious wall tents and experience a simpler style of living that was common to many early Americans on their journey of Discovery.



We offer 3 small and 2 large cowboy wall tents. Each tent comes with cots and sleeping bags

Restrooms - Our Restrooms are similar to Restrooms in the National Forest. Well ventilated Mens and Womens Outhouse.

Showers - Our Solar Shower is located in a 10'x 10' Range Tent within our camping area. It features cedar flooring, a solar shower, and a washbasin for your hygienic needs.

Breakfast - We serve a fresh hot breakfast every morning to campers made with organic food right from the farm and surrounding farms!


One of a kind experience. Rod is just the host you wanna meet after a long drive as he makes you feel right at home. Delicious breakfast and a great view to do some self discovery.
— Jessica from AirBnB

Large Wall Tents

  • 16'x10'
  • Accommodates 2-6 people
  • Cots and Sleeping Bags provided for 4
  • Wooden floor with rug
  • Non Heated 
  • $75.00/night; $20 per additional person

Small Wall Tents

  •  11'x14'
  • Accommodates 2-3 people
  • Cots and Sleeping Bags provided for 3
  • Wooden floor with rug
  • Non Heated 
  • $60.00/night; $20 per additional person

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