Apsaalooke Teepees


Our second mother

To the Apsaalooke' the Earth is the first mother, the Lodge is the second Mother. This is where we live, the Lodge is our protection . Without the second Mother we have no Third Mother, the mother that birth us. The order of the Mothers is correct. Without this hierarchy of Mother Energy the people become lost. The Mother imagery and belief  has and continues to be the guiding spiritual belief of many Native American. 


Our Teepees are crafted according to Apsaalooke' traditional pole and door placement. We set these Tipis up every spring according to native traditions, and leave them through the fall for modern travelers to stay in.



We offer 3 cowboy range teepees and 3 Native American Teepees. Each tent comes with cots and sleeping bags.

Restrooms - Our Restrooms are similar to Restrooms in the National Forest. Well ventilated Mens and Womens Outhouse.

Showers - Our Heated Shower is located in a 10'x 10' Range Tent within our camping area. It features cedar flooring, a solar shower, and a washbasin for your hygienic needs.

Breakfast - We serve a fresh hot breakfast every morning to campers made with organic meats right from the farm and surrounding farms!

This place is amazing, a very different experience than any other we’d ever had. The sky is absolutely breathtaking, we could perfectly see the milky way and in just 20 minutes could observe more than 10 shooting stars.
— Marianna from AirBnB

Cowboy Range Teepees

  • Accommodates 1-2 people
  • Cots and Sleeping Bags provided for 2
  • Grass floor with rug
  • Non Heated 
  • $60.00/night; $20 per additional person


Native American Teepees

  • Accommodates 1-6 people
  • Cots and Sleeping Bags provided for 6
  • Grass floor with rug
  • Non Heated 
  • $75.00/night; $20 per additional person

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